The PaymentWorks system has been fully vetted by Internal Audit, the information we are requiring for vendors is the same information we would be requesting via paper: remittance address, Tax Id, and banking, should they want their payments directly deposited rather than receive a check. Also, the portal does not reach out to the participants, they simply receive an email invite from your group via the portal. In fact, their information is even more secure given the fact that they create their individual credentials, and neither PaymentWorks nor Hopkins has that information. This is much more secure than emailing PDF’s with the same data.

I need to…

  • Send an “Invite” for a NEW SAP vendor in PaymentWorks, please click here
  • Send an “Invite” to an EXISTING SAP vendor, please click here
  • How do I know if a vendor is a registered Johns Hopkins PaymentWorks Vendor?
    1. The Vendor should know if they are a Johns Hopkins registered PaymentWorks Vendor.
    2. If you are sending a PaymentWorks invitation to the vendor who is already registered, you will receive a notice “An Invitation was previously sent to this email address”.
    3. The Vendor can be found in SAP with their current information, Tips for Vendor Searching in SAP